Master of Science in the Physical Sciences Division

Note: The MS-PSD Program is not currently accepting applications.

Why Consider Our Program?

The Master of Science in the Physical Sciences Division is designed to be flexible and highly individualized.  With the guidance of a senior faculty member, students create a customized program of study based on previous experience and future plans.  Because it is a unique experience, it can be hard to describe; however, you should consider MS-PSD if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have, or will soon complete, a degree in one area of science, but your research interests require you to build a body of knowledge in a new area.
  • You are planning to pursue a doctoral degree, but would benefit from more coursework or research experience.
  • Your professional plans call for more education in an area within the physical sciences.

Because MS-PSD students choose their courses from departments within the Physical Sciences Division, prospective applicants should spend time researching the faculty and course offerings in their areas of focus. 

Other UChicago Programs of Interest

Students interested in a master’s in Computer ScienceFinancial Mathematics, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Computational Analysis and Public Policy, or Statistics should apply directly to those programs and not to MS-PSD.

Please contact us if you have questions about MS-PSD.

MS-PSD Poster Session

Check out the final projects of some of our graduating students.

MS-PSD Featured in Meet the Students

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